Our Work


The Rūnanganui o Ngāti Hikairo acts as an iwi authority to promote the interests and aspirations of Ngāti Hikairo.
Authority is delegated to the Executive Committee to undertake certain activities on behalf of the iwi.

Portfolio areas
Te Rūnanganui o Ngāti Hikairo is structured around areas of activity that relate to the current and future needs of the iwi.  The identified key areas are:

  • Hauora
  • Resource management
  • Hikairo claims
  • Finance
  • Rōpū Kaumātua
  • Crown relationship development
  • Education
  • Fisheries
  • Kai-ewe
  • Economic development
  • Hapū development

There are an additional three subcommittees currently operating.  These represent the major areas of work that the Executive Committee is involved with.

  • Economic Development
  • Resource Management
  • Hikairo Claims