Proceedings at Matakitaki


Tena koutou e te Iwi o Ngati Hikairo

Te Runanganui o Ngati Hikairo are calling a zoom hui tonight (Thursday 10 December 2020) at 7pm to whakarite the process – preparing for our part in tomorrow’s proceedings at Matakitaki. We apologise for the short notice – and that we cannot come together kanohi ki te kanohi to whitiwhitikorero. However we want to ensure that we are  able to maintain the mana motuhake o Ngati Hikairo through kotahitanga. To join the hui tonight click on the link below:

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Please see the outline below of the proceedings at Matakitaki on Friday.

The Blessing of the Pou at Mātakitaki

When: 11am Friday 11 December 2020

Te Mātakitaki i te hara i a Te Haranui

This event commemorates a major cataclysmic event in the history of Ngāti Hikairo. The events at Mātakitaki  were triggered by the involvement of Ngāti Hikairo in the death of Te Haranui which then lead to retribution being sought by Ngā Puhi. The ensuing battle had a major and lasting effect on Ngā Puhi, Ngāti Apakura, Maniapoto, Waikato and others.

This commemorative event is in remembrance of all the tūpuna who were involved in or affected by the tragedy at Mātakitaki in 1822.

A major commemoration will take place for the bicentennial in 2022.

At Mātakitaki:

Safety arrangements will be in place with Māori Warden Traffic Management and St Johns on site. Arrangements have also been made for Covid-19 contact tracing, parking, shelter and portaloo toilets. Some seating will be available. Parking for the King, Dignitaries from Council, and Ngāpuhi will be given a precedence.

Outline of proceedings:

  • People will gather at the site.
  • The King will arrive just before 11am. A karanga will commence led by Waikato.
  • Ngāti Hikairo will  karanga. Then, as the King and his entourage gather at the waharoa, Ngati Hikairo will give brief welcome and explain the kaupapa.
  • Ngāti Hikairo will karanga. And Kaumātua Te Papi Cunningham (Ngati Hikairo) will lead the karakia for the King to unveil the waharoa. Taonga pūoro will sound through the ceremony.
  • Ngāti Hikairo will karanga.  Matua Te Papi will  ‘waerea’ the rōpū through the waharoa to the first pou.
  • Waikato will lead the karanga and karakia for the unveiling of the first pou – and waerea to the second pou.
  • Ngāpuhi will lead the karanga and karakia for the unveiling of the second pou – and waerea to the third
  • Maniapoto will lead the karanga and karakia for the unveiling of the third pou.
  • The King’s Tariao will lead the Paimārire to close this part of our proceedings –  and the rōpū will make its
    way back to the waharoa.
  • At the waharoa, the King, his entourage, dignitaries, tohunga,  and Ngāphui will be called to the Kohatu
    Whakamaumaharatanga which displays the words gifted by Te Arikinui Te Atairangaikaahu commemorating the event here in 1822.
  • Following a brief karakia which will be led by Purekireki Marae, the tohunga whakairo will be available to media and others to give some insights into the carvings.
  • Everyone is invited to Pūrekireki Marae for a powhiri and to share a kaihākari .