Ōpārau School

The Hikairo Claims would like to report that an application to landbank the Ōpārau School has been made to the Office of Treaty Settlements (OTS) on 9 November 2012. OTS acknowledged receipt of the applicationon 12 November 2012. OTS asked for endorsement from claimants of Wai 1112, Wai 1113, and Wai 2353 on 27 November 2012. The legal counsel provided endorsement and this was received and accepted by OTS on 29 November 2012.

The Hikairo Claims team went through a consultation process with the whānau directly related to the Ōparau school, support and endosement as to what process they would like to undertake was sought. After much consultation, inluding at the last wānanga, the decision was to allow the Hikairo Claims Team to lodge the Ōpārau school under the Rūnanganui-o-Ngāti Hikairo. This decison was endorsed by kaumātua and whānau affected by the alienation of the land the school stands on.

The process now, is that the land will be landbanked and will be part of the Ngāti Hikairo settlement negotiations on behalf of the whānau that it represents.