Current Claims Work

Claims update
The Ngāti Hikairo claim has been heard by the Waitangi Tribunal and we are currently awaiting their report. The key messages Ngāti Hikairo attempted to convey were:
1.       Loss of land
2.       Nga taonga tuku iho – including the loss of te reo and tikanga through Crown attack
3.       Toitu te iwi – the need for the Crown to re-engage with Ngāti Hikairo as an iwi thus restoring its former position of acknowledgement of the iwi status of Ngāti Hikairo.
The Claims team is currently looking at the requirements to enter negotiations and what that may entail.

 Claims Team

At present two people have been engaged to work on the various aspects of our claim.

  • Moka Āpiti is the acting Claims Manager.
  • Frank Thorne is the Research Manager.

Work Programme

A number of work teams have been established to focus on the  following key areas:

  • Political Relationships
  • Iwi relationships
  • Communications
  • Registration
  • Research
  • Legal
  • Website management

There is a lot of work to be done and whānau are welcome to contribute where possible.

Contact if you would like to be involved.